27 February 2006

confessions of a silly girl

wow chexy, you need a bit more female influence on this thing. all i see are males commenting everywhere! what is this? cheese? haha. so did you have fun on friday? cause your mom did. she told me ;) oh boy, i'm obviously loopy again. i think i'll go play outside now. buhbye

23 February 2006

Funny Quotes from Kinda Funny People:
  • "Rebound that queensketball!"
  • "Never wear anything that panics the cat."
  • "Make sure to find someone who does the things you don't do very well very well, very well?"
  • "You should dust your eyes daily."
  • "I think we're seeing 'Hoboes at Dawn' on the IMAX screen tomorrow..."
  • "Suicide hotline - please hold..."

22 February 2006


Don't worry, I am amazing, you don't need to fear. Million dollar queston, runners hot or not? Their sport is your sport's punishment after all.

Thoughts from evasivediplomacy

So this whole language thing sort of fizzled in the last 10 minutes or so (with nobody else on and publishing), so I'm writing about something else.

Anybody see the NBA dunk contest last weekend where Nate Robinson went over Spub Webb? Wow.

Also. Company from the UAE taking control of six US ports...what do we all think? Me, personally, comes down only to bigotry against Arabs and a general state of fear and animosity toward foreigners.

Lastly, your thought of the day, from evasivediplomacy.

"Many people, upon running into a telephone pole, blame the pole."

sede posteriore and adios


21 February 2006

These are some of my chicas at our Sadie Hawkins dance last year. Aww, how cute!